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For the guys -- The possibility of pregnancy

The possibility of pregnancy can be shocking, scary, and stressful. It is common to react with the idea that “this cannot be happening to me” and shut down or lash out. If this happened to you, the first step may be to apologize. Only then can you begin to work through the options together.

You are not alone! This is a situation many men have found themselves in. Here are a few things that can help while trying to process this information.

  • Anger and fear are normal– It is ok to feel these things, she probably is too. Express yourself honestly and in a calm way to your partner. This will allow you to both be on the same page when deciding on a next step.

  • Talk about it– over the next few days and weeks continue to discuss how a pregnancy will effect both of you and what options that each of you feel comfortable with.

  • Think about it– this is not time to make quick decisions. After each time you talk, take a minute to your self to sit down and process what was said. Doing this may bring more clarity to the options that you are choosing.

  • Listen– it is easy to focus on your feelings and desires, but this is not a time to think only of what you want. Listen to her. Her body is going through a multitude of changes physically, chemically and emotionally. She needs your support now more than ever.

At Care Pregnancy Clinic you can both come and talk with a nurse about the options that you are considering, gather information, and receive support in the decision making process. No matter what the outcome, we strive to provide information and support every step of the way. Make your appointment at

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