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Care Pregnancy Clinic understands the private nature of the sexual and reproductive health decisions of our patients, and privacy is very important to us. We have intentionally located our practice in an unassuming setting. 


Newly Renovated

Our newly-renovated medical facility is clean, comfortable and professional. It has been updated, with state-of-the-art exam rooms, STD testing and 2 and 3 D ultrasound equipment with excellent imagining quality     


Additional exam areas afford our patients the ability to schedule same day appointments and get the information and answers they need sooner than ever. Our capacity to serve 100% more clients allows our nurses to attend to each patient in an unhurried, personal, and caring setting. 


Schedule an Appointment 

Care Pregnancy Clinic patient care team offers trusted local expertise about  abortion, pregnancy, birth control and STDs. For personal answers to your specific health questions, schedule a free appointment  today. 

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