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Treated with so much respect and they are so helpful and caring. Would recommend to any woman in need of help.


The place to go…. . My experience at Care Pregnancy Clinic was nicely unbelievable. When I looked at that pregnancy test strip and saw the + positive – and me being single it was not what I planned, I was freaking out. If it wasn’t for the Care Pregnancy Clinic nurse I would not have been able to just sit and vent and I think I talked for an hour, crying and expressing my situation.  I did not feel pressured in any way and since they understood and cared and they did not even know me, but knew a lot about my situation they truly wanted to help me. The Care Pregnancy Clinic nurses do their job out of true fondness!! I definitely recommend to make an appointment or just stop by the clinic if you are in crisis or just have any questions at all and are looking for answers!


The nurses at the Care Pregnancy Clinic are sweet, I could talk to them. They didn't judge or embarrass me either. They were so helpful when I kept changing my mind and needed someone to talk to. So when I was facing the idea of an abortion and suddenly in a panic, I talked to them about it and they gave me realistic options, they helped me out so much.


They were very kind and courteous. They worked with me to get me in my appointments quickly and explained clearly what ever I asked.


These people are fantastic! The nurses helped me as I was in serious need of a kind voice to help me sift through my options. I would recommend them to anyone!


Awesome! The nurses were so nice!


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